Art Workr #3 Miranda J Millen & Jordyn McGeachin: Scorpio Heaven


Scorpio Love marks the coming together of two artistic water signs, Miranda J Millen and Jordyn McGeachin, in an exhibition that explores all things Scorpio.

With me for artworkr, we discussed what the deal is anyway with astrology and spirituality in a modern context, and how getting to know someone’s chart ‘can be a great guide (not a rule) for gaining a new perspective and a greater understanding about where they are coming from and what’s important to them’, among other things...

Scorpio Love opens at Tinning Street Presents in Brunswick, from Thursday the 11th of April until Sunday the 28th.

SABINA — How did you two meet?

Jordyn — I followed Miranda on IG for her artwork about 3 years ago and the following day I went into an art store where Miranda worked and I told her as she was serving me that I followed her on Instagram the night before and we were both very excited. Our friendship blossomed so naturally and easily ever since!

Miranda — Yep, that’s the story.


What’s the best part about being a Scorpio?

Jordyn — Good things about being a Scorp is being able to observe other people’s behaviours really well. We pick up on moods/vibes fairly easily and we’ll easily let you know whether we’re having a good time or not just by facial expressions. Besides being passionate and fiery we’re also super playful and sarcastic which means if you’re not having an intense conversation with a Scorpio, you’re probably having a good ol’ giggle.

Miranda — Honesty and passion is big for Scorpios. We are often never apathetic about anything in life, which means we always have an opinion and can speak passionately. Despite the bad wrap we get, coming across as fiery/stubborn - we are tender and sensitive beings with big hearts. I love Scorpios for their honesty and authenticity, if we don’t like you - you’ll feel it, and if we love you - you’ll will feel that too.

SABINA — Tell me how you explore that, and other themes, in the show?

Jordyn — I think all of my works reflect a lot of traits that most Scorpio’s have - My drawings are sensual but playful and also a little bit sad and funny. I’ve tried to give each piece of work I made for Scorpio Heaven a certain feeling for when you look at them, like you’re looking into a window and capturing a feeling. I’ve taken humour, angst and feeling in love as a Scorpio and tried to put them on paper for you to get a lil’ slice.

Miranda — For me Scorpio Heaven has been an exploration into embracing my sexuality and a reflection on the journey it’s taken to get there. Dating has really informed and developed my sexuality and my ability to embrace and communicate that side of myself. The work I have created for this show explores the celebrations, insights and frustrations I have found through that journey with humour and gratitude for those experiences.


SABINA — Can you remember the first time you really understood your Zodiac Sign?

Jordyn — Definitely after meeting Miranda I understood my star sign and my self as a Scorpio more. Mostly between us swapping stories of the trials and tribulations of trying to date and her response to my feelings about a situation/a story would be ‘Well, you’re a Scorpio babe!’ And I’d just feel reassured like ‘yeah you’re so right!’.

Miranda — I agree with Jordyn, there’s been an amazing sense of validation through sharing stories! Being two true to our signs we often see things the same way, which means as friends we really understand each other’s perspectives. I’ve been interested in astrology signs for years but definitely knowing Jordyn has really made me appreciate being a Scorpio.

SABINA — What are your moon and rising signs, and which part of your chart do you relate to most? And the least?

Jordyn — My rising sign is Leo and my moon sign is in Aquarius. I relate to my rising sign the least and I am a true Scorpio, but I see a lot of myself in my moon sign too! Mostly the reserved and shyness part.

Miranda — I am a double Pieces! Which I resonate with so much. It suggests more day dreamer qualities and means that I am highly intuitive. I can easily understand other people and try to see life from their perspective, this is really true. It also means that I can be overwhelmed with life easily which I resonate with.


SABINA — Thoughts on Astrology (and spirituality) as something that’s kinda witchy?

Miranda: Yes! Often things that are feminine and intuition based (like spirituality and astrology) are deemed ‘witchy’. It’s a shame that some of these things aren’t taken more seriously. I use astrology as guide not as a rule. By knowing someone’s sign you can gain a new perspective and a greater understanding of where they are coming from and what’s important to them. Women have strong intuitions, and we often underestimate how powerful they are. That’s why female friendships are so sacred and important, we see and feel each other’s intuition and we often encourage each other to follow it.

Jordyn — I couldn’t agree with Miranda more!


Follow Miranda’s work on Instagram @mirandajillmillen and Jordyn @fromjordyn.